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Spring is full of color in the Smokies In late April each year, the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage provides an excellent opportunity to see wildflowers up close.The Mountain Laurel and the Rhododendrons grace the forests of the Smokies in Spring.

Summer brings a rich emerald green crown to the Great Smokies. Summer is filled with picnics, hikes, waterfalls, clear blue skies with white fluffy clouds, and laughter of folks enjoying the marvelous show Mother Nature brings to this area.

Meadows come alive with blooms Bloodroot's, a member of the poppy family, were used by Native Americans to make red dye, and they have white flowers with gold centers, and grow along steams in wooded areas.

The bluets bloom from April to June, have pale blue blossoms with a yellow center, measuring about one-half inch in diameter,and grows on grassy slopes and in the meadows.

Early signs of Fall tinge the trees Autumn is truly a magical time here in the Smokies, as the bright greens of summer turn to rich reds, russets, yellows, gold's and purples.

As fall approaches, a cork-like plug forms at the base of the leaf, blocking the nourishment from the tree.   The chlorophyll which causes the green coloring begins to fade and the leaf's true colors briefly shine through.

Fall brings color to the mountains Autumn's yellows come from the flowering beech, birch, black gum, buckeye, hickory, mountain ash, and yellow poplars.

Scarlet from the red maple tree, and Reds from dogwoods, maples, pin cherry, sourwood and sumac trees.   Crimson from blackberry and blueberry bushes.

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