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Welcome   To Silk's Kitchen
  • Learning to cook can be a traumatic experience for a person who is not naturally inclined that way; since food can obviously "sense" a nervous cook and fail in a recipe just to spite you! The secret is finding great recipes that are easy to fix, and allow you room to make changes to fit your family's tastes.

  • Part of a Southern heritage has always been the traditions of being gracious hosts, and preparing sumptuous meals and desserts for family and guests. Having grown up in the South, becoming a scratch baker and cook is just expected; yet is a Southern tradition I am proud to have accomplished over the years.

    the cook is in the kitchen

  • I have measured as close as I can for my recipes... a scratch cook just pours and shakes from years of experience. A few of these recipes come from bed & breakfasts inns from all over the United States, but most are local favorites here in the mountains of East Tennessee. Soon, I will have a section of International recipes, featuring local and regional favorites of different countries.

  • Please bookmark this page, this cookbook will continually be updated. If you have a favorite recipe you would like to see included here, please email it to me, and I will be happy to add your creations along with a credit to you.

  • I hope these recipes make you hungry and make meal planning for your family and company more fun. So grab your apron and lets get started!

  • If you would like to contact me, or send your favorite recipe to be included in this cookbook, please email

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